# 19 Singapore Night Festival @ SMU Green 21-22, 28-29 Aug 2015

It’s our 3rd time at Singapore Night Festival – Festival Village.  Throngs of people came by for food, Anooki and Garden of Angels by Theatre Tol. Our stall was located at the prime spot for watching this year’s installation at National Museum, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the 4 days of pop up with Satire.

Our new items were:
1. Porchetta with sous vide egg set – Roasted Pork Belly Roll served with runny eggs and garlic sriracha yogurt sauce.

2. Pan fried pork soft bones served with Himalayan Salt & a wedge of lemon.
Inspired by Okinawan dish, Soki.

3. Frittelle Di Riso – Fried rice balls made of rice cooked in milk and orange zest.
Inspired by our trip to Siena in Feb, a hut in the piazza was selling fried rice balls in the middle of winter!
Crispy exterior with melty interior, its hard to tell its made of rice!

For record sake, we sold almost 250kg of pork over the 4 days!
Thank you for your support and Satire (Le Gluttony) for inviting us to be part of Festival Village!