# 09 MAAD 8th Anniversary @ Red Dot Design Museum 4 July 2014


We came to know about the existence of MAAD (Market of Artists & Designers) from Elvin during Night Festival pop-up with Le Gluttony. We remembered going over to recce on the crowds some weeks later and wasn’t sure if we were going to even sell 1 slab of Crispy Roast Pork XD

Fast forward, a year has passed and yes, Uncle G’s Handmade is ready to pop up at MAAD finally. We packed light in order to squeeze into a normal cab *cut costs* . I peered into the Red Lobby and oh wow, a beeline formed around the lobby, all the artists/vendors were waiting for registration so that they can start assembling their booth.

We were allocated a corner in Red Lobby, relying on a single oven, we finally had Crispy Roast Pork for sale at 5pm+. Kenneth was really thrilled to have customers coming over from our previous pop up with Kranji Farmers’ Market. It shows how people were willing to pop by to try something. And yes, we are thankful that they gave us a chance despite being turned away last weekend when we were sold out.

We sold out at 8pm+ for our MAAD debut, thank you to all vendors sharing the Red Lobby with us, for putting up with the roast pork smell. And special thanks for Elvin, for giving Uncle G’s Handmade a chance to sell savoury food at Red Dot Design Museum!