#08 Kranji Farmers’ Market 28 -29 June 2014

We first came across the news on Kranji’s Farmers’ Market from Edible Garden’s Facebook post.
‘Farmers’ market’…what does it actually mean? A market selling fresh produce? From our past travels, such outdoor farmers’ market are usually made up of fresh produce and artisan handmade products, cooked food is always part of the market too.

Uncle G’s Handmade does its products from scratch, sauces included. We suppose we could somehow fit in, our first pop-up was a “farmers’ market” (Pasarbella Soft Launch back in May 2013) too. Nonetheless, we emailed Manda from KCA(Kranji Countryside Association) and got ourselves a stall space in Singapore’s first authentic Farmers’ Market!

We decided to offer tomato jam and Uncle G’s Potent Chilli with thoughts of using local produce. However, a quick check with a local farm, it seems tomatoes are imported from their partner farms in Malaysia, not quite the local produce we were thinking about.

Actual day event

We arrived at about 2pm and saw a few stalls setting up. Right at 4pm, crowds started coming in and customers were requesting pre-orders on that slab of pork that was still crisping in the oven. That eventually led to some unhappiness and confusion on customers queuing for food and collecting the pre-orders. We got an earful on lack of crowd management and late notice on stocks running low. Hungry customers were angry people after queuing in the sun for some 15-30mins.

This is really something odd, I mean who would have thought that so much people would spend time to travel to ulu Neo Tiew for 32 stalls? As a customer commented, “I am really surprised to see so many people here !” We were equally perplexed that most customers were buying 2 or more portions. We were sold out by 6pm, probably due to the fact that we were the only stall selling savoury cooked food.

Overall, it was a great event, we hauled burrata home and had multiple Thai iced tea drinks from our neighbouring stalls.
Outdoor market atmosphere was definitely refreshing! It was great meeting other Singapore farmers and artisan products, hope to see more of such events in future!

Thank you for your patience and support in Singapore’s 1st Authentic Farmers’ Market!