Why is the weight of the crispy roast pork lesser than the weight that I ordered?
The weight loss is due to the loss in fats (pork belly is fatty!) and moisture during cooking. Hence, the weight of the final product will be much lesser than when it is uncooked.
Do you provide delivery?

During festive peak season –
Peak season includes: Chinese New Year Eve, Chinese New Year Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year Eve, New Year. There will be a surcharge of $3 during these festive periods.

Outside festive season:

Our food delivery services are outsourced to 3rd party providers. For delivery charges, it will be shown at point of checkout. 


Free delivery for orders over $200.

How many days notice do you require for crackling pork orders?

At the moment, pre-orders are available for pick up during weekends or weekdays after 630pm.
We require 3 days notice.

What payment methods are available?

Our online site accepts credit card payment. This service is provided by The Oddle Company Pte Ltd.

Are there any sauces accompanying the crispy pork?
Definitely!  Every order of crispy pork will come with a sauce of your choice.
Additional sauces can be purchased at the ‘Shop’ link. (Amended since Jan 2016)

For older folks / customers who prefer the traditional sauces with Roast Pork, we recommend mustard mayonnaise and Uncle G’s Potent Chilli.

Our collection of self made sauces:

  • Spiced honey glaze, applied on the roast pork itself. No worries, the crackling will still be crispy.
  • Creamy honey mustard, consists of mustard, cream & honey.
  • Apple + Plum , pure fruits combination, no coloring or artificial flavoring added.
  • Orange glaze, can be applied on roast pork or simply provided in orange marmalade form.
  • Mustard Mayonnaise, combination of Dijon mustard & mayonnaise.
  • Tomato Jam, made from pure tomatoes cooked into jam form.
  • Uncle G’s Potent Chilli, made from blending chilli padi & other real goodness.

Last amended on 20 November 2020.