It has been a few weeks since our last appearance at the Gluttony @ Night Festival 2013.
We are delighted that a few customers who patronized us during the event, had came back for more (private orders).

The Gluttony event has been a great platform for us to gain more exposure after our few appearances at PasarBella , we hope to work with them for future collaborations.
Here’s some of the hands-on stuffs we were doing during weekends before 24th Sep.

Behind the scenes

I got some adhesive chalk paper and did a free hand drawing of a pig shape and words, pasted it onto a plastic board.
Then using a pen knife, traced along the shape and highlighted the words in acrylic paint.

The hardest part was using a paintbrush to paint the fonts, my shaky hands didn’t help.


Final Uncle G’s Handmade Signage

This is Kenneth’s project, self made sneeze guard to be placed in front of the warming lamp. We were planning to make a rectangular sort of guard when we saw that better coverage could be achieved with a slanted front.

After some adjustments, we realized two more holes could be drilled to attach the acrylic guard to the heating lamp!
That made a whole lot of difference to our setup.


Custom made Acrylic Sneeze Guard


Some snippets of our stuffs while we were cooking at the licensed kitchen:

official pics-2

Apple Plum Chutney cooking in progress



Crispy Roast Pork, just out of the oven.


Chicharron sealed and packed, ready for sale

Event pictures