Kenneth a.k.a Uncle G

The Chef.
Logistics & Schedule Planner.


The Webmaster.
Marcom, Planning & Research.

Uncle G’s Handmade was started together by Kenneth and Joey, a husband and wife team in 2013. Uncle G's Handmade debuted as weekend traders at Pasarbella’s soft launch, where we introduced our Signature Crispy Roast Pork.

Prior to this, Kenneth have enjoyed cooking since he was in his teenage years inspired from watching cooking programs and Michelin chefs’ videos on YouTube. Trained as an engineer, he enjoys hands-on hobbies which range from cooking, assembling and painting of model kits, wood work to mini electrical stuffs. This is why the word ‘handmade’ was added. However, cooking remains as his number one passion.

Together with his wife Joey, who loves research and all things pretty, they went on to attend professional baking classes and have since added chocolate, pastry and bread skills to their repertoire.

“Tasty dishes need not be complicated; they just have to be well executed at every step.”

This is what Uncle G’s Handmade believes in and holds onto when preparing our dishes. All of our dishes and condiments are self-made, meaning you cannot find them anywhere else!

In every pop up, Uncle G’s Handmade strives to serve something new.
That’s the fun factor at each pop up and happiness comes from seeing others enjoy our food.

Why the name Uncle G's Handmade?

Kenneth: Uncle G was my forum nick name a long time ago. G also sounds the same as "Pig" in Cantonese, my dialect.
Joey : Handmade was added to reflect what we are about, self made sauces, minimal processed ingredients.

What made you start Uncle G's Handmade?

Kenneth : I have loved cooking since my teenage years and I actually think this is an essential life skill that everyone should acquire. I got inspired to try bread making when my classmate's mum baked some bread while I was visiting. The smell of freshly baked bread was so aromatic, that stayed in my memories.
After knowing Joey, our weekends were often spent in experimentation.  Thoughts on venturing into F&B soon came to our minds.

Joey : An opportunity came by to participate in soft launch of PasarBella Market and we decided to take the chance to see if our offerings were up to par.

So who does what in Uncle G's Handmade?

Kenneth: I do the cooking and logistics and schedule.
Joey : I am the MARCOM and webmaster rolled into one. Brainstorming for new ideas and packaging stuffs like stickers designs & decoration.

One of the top questions asked, why is Roast Pork your signature product?

Kenneth: I decided to make it my signature product after watching Marco Pierre White's roast pork video on YouTube. The sound of the crackling plus the sight of the tenderness and juiciness of the pork is almost enough to convert a vegetarian. Well, *almost*.

What else does Uncle G cook?

Kenneth: Uncle G don't really have a fixed menu. We cook anything that comes to mind and whatever is available actually. We are often restricted by venue and rules during events though.
Joey : That's why sometimes we have the Apple & Plum sauce during events and sometimes we don't, because ingredients like plums are not always available.

What's the future plans for Uncle G's Handmade?

Kenneth: *Ask my wife* To have more interesting products for my customers.
Joey : I actually like the indie setup feel very much at present.
I do have a vision for an underground food market that runs bi-monthly. Where can people cook out in on site kitchen and sell directly at the food bazaar. But I am having problems finding people who will sacrifice their weekends for their passion.
At a nearer future, maybe Uncle G's Supperclub?